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Welcome to the Quantitative Kidney DataBase !

Searching QKDB (menu to the left) is open to all, no registration necessary. If you wish to contribute new data from published articles, ask for a free account.

The goal of QKDB is to make kidney-related physiological data easily available. The emphasis is on published experimental results relevant to quantitative renal physiology, with a particular focus on data relevant for evaluation of parameters in mathematical models of renal function.

The contents evolve thanks to contributed data from the community of renal researchers. Newcomers are welcome.

Work on QKDB was carried out under the SAPHIR project (French National Research Agency), the goal of which is to create a core modeling environment for multi-organ systems physiology in the spirit of the classic models of Guyton and collaborators. The SAPHIR project is linked as a Seed Exemplar Project (seedEP1) to the European VPH Network of Excellence.

New Features:

[July-Aug. 2011] The site was ported to the Drupal frontend for better user management and easier extension. This also included addition of the following features:

  • installation of the "Tim bot" tool (under the 'Contribute' menu) to streamline entry of data from new articles (in html format, not PDF files);
  • streamlined many of the database queries, thus greatly improving response time;
  • added csv export of query results tables;
  • added plotting of results;
  • and corrected many errors.


This site and the underlying database were created for scientific research purposes. The data in the QKDB database all come from published scientific articles.

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